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Nasiol TEM APC PRO All Purpose Cleaner

Nasiol TEM APC PRO All Purpose Cleaner

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Introducing Nasiol TEM APC Pro: Your Interior Cleaning Powerhouse

Nasiol TEM APC Pro is the ultimate solution for tackling dirt and stains on various interior surfaces of your vehicle, including car seats, flooring, plastic components, and the roof interior. This interior cleaner is specially designed to take on stubborn stains that just won't budge with regular soap and water. It offers the perfect balance of strength and safety to effectively eliminate stains without causing harm to the surface or surrounding areas.

From automotive flooring to car seats and even the roof of your car, Nasiol TEM APC Pro can effortlessly remove persistent stains without the need for additional cleaning equipment.

Why Choose TEM APC Pro?

1. Removes tough stains with minimal effort, making your cleaning tasks a breeze.
2. Leaves no chemical residue after cleaning, ensuring a fresh and clean interior.
3. Free from toxic chemicals that could be harmful to human health.
4. Easy 1/45 ratio dilution for added convenience.

Ideal Application Surfaces:

- Vehicle seats
- Plastic parts
- Carpets
- Leather
- Upholstery
- Roofs
- Fabric
- Tires
- Engine bays

Application Instructions:

1. Before use, shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure proper mixing.
2. Dilute the solution with a 1/45 ratio of water for effective cleaning.
3. Apply Nasiol TEM APC Pro using a cleaning gun, spraying it directly on the surface, or through a vacuum cleaner machine.
4. After spraying, surfaces should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and rinsed thoroughly for a spotless finish.
5. For best results, use Nasiol TEM APC Pro before applying Nasiol CabinCare or Nano Seat Protect.

Box Content:

- Nasiol TEM APC Pro Bottle

Elevate your interior cleaning game with Nasiol TEM APC Pro."
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