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Nano Coating Spain is the exclusive distributor of Nasiol, the registered trademark of Artekya Ltd. Co., which stands as the pioneer manufacturer of cutting-edge protective nano-coating materials in Spain and Europe. Our Origins and Expertise Rooted in the innovative research of Istanbul Technical University’s NanoFMG Group since 2005, Nano Coating Spain is proud to continue the legacy of nanotechnology excellence. Collaborating extensively with governmental projects, our journey led us to establish Artekya in 2008. In 2012, we embarked on a groundbreaking mission, transitioning into the realm of protective nano-coatings and rebranding as Artekya. This marked the genesis of Nasiol, our distinguished line of liquid nanocoatings - the first of their kind in Spain. Our Commitment to Excellence At Nano Coating Spain, Nasiol is synonymous with nano-coating expertise. We offer a wide range of commercial services and products under Nasiol Industrial and Nasiol Private Label. Our e-shop, a testament to our mastery of protective nanotechnology, brings water-repellent coatings to your fingertips. From safeguarding your vehicles, boats, and outdoor furniture to enhancing your favorite pair of shoes and trusty athletic gear, we provide solutions that make a difference in your daily life. Our Core Values Our passion for technology, the future, and impactful discoveries fuels our dedication to serving you. At Nano Coating Spain, we are more than just businessmen; we are scientists first and foremost. Our relentless pursuit of excellence is grounded in the belief that people deserve the highest-quality products, driven by science and experience, without compromising the world we cherish. We advocate "riskless technologies" where progress harmoniously coexists with environmental consciousness. Unlike industries that carve their way through nature, we achieve remarkable results by engineering the tiniest of elements, leaving minimal impact. Our Guiding Principles Our core values encapsulate our principles: Inspiration, Dynamism, Perfection, Innovation, Passion, Creativity, Eco-consciousness, and Uniqueness. These values are founded on respect, the love of childhood and family, and unwavering faith in the transformative power of science. We believe that technology should propel us forward with care, consciousness, and optimism, always mindful of the present and the world we inhabit. At Nano Coating Spain, we invite you to experience the world of Nasiol, where innovation meets responsibility, and quality meets sustainability.

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Car Care Nano Protection

Elevate your vehicle's durability and luster with our specialized Car Care Nano Protection services. Our expert team ensures your vehicle remains impeccably shielded against the elements, preserving its beauty and integrity year after year.

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Home Surface Nano Protection

Explore our comprehensive Home Surface Nano Protection services, designed to safeguard your living spaces from everyday wear and unsightly stains, ensuring long-lasting beauty and cleanliness.

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Marine Surface Nano Protection

Experience the ultimate in Marine Surface Nano Protection with our dedicated service. We've meticulously crafted a solution to safeguard your marine vessel, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition, poised to tackle the most demanding challenges presented by the open sea season after season.

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Personal Surface Nano Protection

Discover the power of our Personal Surface Nano Protection service, a dedicated offering to safeguard your cherished possessions and clothing. Our experts ensure lasting defense against water, stains, and everyday wear, preserving their quality and appeal.

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