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Nasiol M1500 Second Step

Nasiol M1500 Second Step

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Achieve High Gloss and Restore Your Marine Vessel's Shine

Introducing Nasiol M1500 Second Step, your solution for marine vessel maintenance. This 1kg low-dusting, non-sling polishing compound is specially crafted for marine applications, providing the high-quality care your boat or yacht deserves.

Hologram Remover Polish for Marine Gelcoat

M1500 Second Step is a silicone-free cutting compound designed to eliminate fine scratches and holograms on marine gelcoat surfaces. After using M1000 First Step, this second step ensures a glossy, like-new finish that makes your vessel stand out on the water.

Key Benefits of M1500 Second Step:

  • Easy Operation and Fast Results: Enjoy a hassle-free application process with rapid results, making your marine vessel maintenance a breeze.

  • Fine Scratch and Hologram Removal: Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and holograms, restoring your vessel's pristine appearance.

  • Effective Gloss Restoration: Achieve a high gloss finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your boat or yacht.

  • Less Polish Residue and Low Dusting: Experience a cleaner and more efficient polishing process with minimal residue and dust.

Nasiol M1500 Second Step ensures your marine vessel looks its best, turning heads on the water with its brilliant shine. Discover the secret to maintaining a flawless gelcoat finish with this advanced polishing compound.

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