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Nasiol HomeTex

Nasiol HomeTex

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Introducing Hometex - Hydrophobic Spray for Fabrics

Nasiol's Hometex offers a reliable solution for safeguarding your home fabrics and textiles. This water-repellent spray provides a protective shield against everyday threats, such as stains and water damage. With the same hydrophobic and Easy Clean effects as our popular Homeshine product, Hometex is ideal for preserving the pristine condition of upholstery, carpets, curtains, rugs, and more.

Say goodbye to worry when accidents happen:

- Spilled wine from a guest? No need to panic.
- Your little one makes a mess with food? No problem.
- Family movie night with ice cream sundaes on the sofa? Enjoy without concerns.

Hometex ensures that stains are easily removable, and your textile prints and dyes are protected from fading, whether due to sunlight or cleaning. Nasiol Cabincare eliminates the hassle and keeps your upholstery looking fresh. This product also safeguards automotive fabrics from stains while creating a nano-sized coating that repels water, all without altering the fabric's color or texture.

How to Apply Hometex Waterproofing Spray:

1. Ensure the surface is free from dust, wax, dirt, oil, and other contaminants.
2. Maintain good ventilation in the application area.
3. Spray the surface 80-100 times per square meter.
4. Allow a curing time of 24 hours.

Elevate your textile's resistance to water and stains with Hometex, providing lasting protection for your home fabrics and textiles.
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