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Nasiol CABINSHINE Trim and Plastic Restorer

Nasiol CABINSHINE Trim and Plastic Restorer

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Preserve Your Vehicle's Interior with Nasiol CabinShine

Nasiol CabinShine is your ultimate shield against the harsh effects of sunlight on your vehicle's interior plastic materials. Designed to combat premature aging and discoloration, this specialized formula ensures your vehicle's interior remains in pristine condition.

Why Choose CabinShine?

1. Revitalizes the plastic, rubber, and vinyl components within your vehicle, bringing them back to life.
2. Repels dust and dirt, ensuring a cleaner and fresher interior.
3. Illuminates the interior, giving your vehicle a renewed, polished appearance.
4. Extends the life of your vehicle's interior components, saving you from premature wear and tear.

Ideal Application Surfaces:

- Interior plastics of vehicles

Application Instructions:

1. Ensure that the surfaces are dry and free from dust, stains, and other contaminants.
2. Apply the product using a trigger sprayer or spread it with a sponge until the surface shines.
3. Wipe the treated surface with an application pad or a lint-free cloth, gently rubbing to cover the entire area.

Box Content:

- Nasiol CabinShine Bottle

Discover the transformative power of Nasiol CabinShine and keep your vehicle's interior looking vibrant and new."
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