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Naisol FabricCoat

Naisol FabricCoat

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FabricCoat Marine provides extreme protection for all types of fabrics against common liquids, stains, salt water, mold, and bacteria. Its super durable and water-resistant features are perfect for wet weather cloths, awnings, and marine interior fabrics. In the world of boating, it's common to encounter uncomfortable and subpar plastic and synthetic fabric blends, purpose-built to withstand the rigors of maritime conditions. However, the relentless sun and saltwater can take a toll on even the most robust fabrics. But there's no need to compromise on comfort any longer—upgrade your boat's upholstery with MarineTex.

MarineTex, our water-repellent spray, acts as a guardian for the fabric components of your boat, including seats, ropes, and tents. It shields them from water and stains while preserving their vibrant colors and significantly extending their lifespan.

Why Choose FabricCoat?

  • Boasts high hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for unparalleled protection.
  • Exhibits exceptional chemical and UV resistance, ensuring longevity.
  • Utilizes environmentally friendly technology, keeping the seas and surroundings in mind.
  • Forms a robust bond with each fiber while maintaining breathability.

With FabricCoat, you can navigate the waters with superior comfort and confidence, free from the worry of fabric wear and tear.

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