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Experience the Next Level of Clean with Cleanion Pro New Formula

Cleanion Pro New Formula is not your ordinary car wash shampoo. It's a professional-grade solution that effortlessly eliminates dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective coating that ensures the safety of your vehicle's finish.

Our new and improved formula takes car cleaning to the next level. With a thicker, higher, and slicker foaming formula, Cleanion Pro creates a hyper foam that adheres powerfully to your vehicle's paint, effortlessly cutting through dirt and grime like never before.

What sets Cleanion Pro New Formula apart?

  • Nano-coating safe: You can trust that it won't harm your existing nano coatings.
  • High foam content: The thick foam provides maximum coverage for thorough cleaning.
  • Maximum gloss: Enhance the shine of your vehicle with every wash.
  • Fresh citrus fragrance: Enjoy a refreshing scent during your cleaning routine.

Application is a breeze:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use and ensure the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Machine: Dilute Cleanion Pro with water at a 1:1 ratio (foam lance) or 1:100 (water tank). Apply a thick layer of foam to the vehicle's surface and allow it to dwell for 1-2 minutes. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with a high-pressure washer to remove all surfactants. Gently dry the vehicle with a soft, lint-free drying towel.
  3. Bucket: Rinse the vehicle with a hose or high-pressure water. Dilute 20mL (2 caps) of Cleanion Pro in 10L of warm water. Apply the solution to the vehicle with a high-quality wash mitt. Use a two or three-bucket car wash method if possible. Work in small sections from top to bottom in straight lines while shampooing. Allow hard-to-shift grime to soak for a while. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with a hose or high-pressure washer to remove all surfactants. Gently dry the vehicle with a soft and lint-free drying towel to prevent water spotting.

Box Content:

  • Nasiol Cleanion Pro New Formula Bottle

Elevate your car cleaning game with Cleanion Pro New Formula.

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